The Big Bang Theory - The Doppler Effect

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So what time does the costume parade start?
The parade?
Yeh, so the judges can give out the prizes for best costume.
You know, most frightening, most authentic, most accurate visualisation of a scientific principle.
Aw Sheldon I'm sorry but there aren't going to be any parades, or judges, or prizes.
This party is just going to suck!
Noooo, come one it's going to be fun, and you all look great. I mean look at you Thor, and and aww Peter Pan, that's so cute!
Acually Penny he's Robin...
I'm Peter Pan!!! I got a hand full of pixie dust with your name on it.
No you don't!
Ah hey, what's Sheldon supposed to be?
Oh, he's the doppler effect.
Yes, it's the apparent change in the frequency of a wave caused by relative motion between the source of the wave and the observer.
Ohhhhh, sure I see it now. The Doppler Effect!
Alright I gotta shower, you guys make yourselves comfortable.
See, people get it!
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