Just Go with It #5 Movie CLIP - Love Monkey (2011) HD

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Barnaba! Danny, wait!
Muffinstein, I could not stand to be without you.
Is this him? I see the Colonel von Generous right here in front of me.
Okay, I'm confused right now.
I'm so sorry. I've not introduced myself, we have talked on the phone, but I am the Dolph Lundgren.
Devlin's man-friend, love-monkey.
Oh, kill me now.
I think this is so great of all of you, so mature. I would have loved if my parents had done something like this when they got divorced.
Oh, yeah that's why I was thinking we should have the man come. Yeah, I'm glad. I'm glad.
It's important for the children to see us as a unit.
And also I cannot stay away from this potato pancake. She loves the schnitzel, you know what I mean?
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