Shrek and Scared Shrekless - Welcome to Duloc

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Hey, look at this!
Welcome to duloc
Such a perfect town
Here we have some rules let us lay them down
Don't make waves
Stay in line
And we'll get on just fine
Duloc is a perfect place
Please keep off of the grass
Shine your shoes
Wipe your...face
Duloc is
Duloc is
Duloc is a perfect place
Wow! Let's do that again!
No, no! No no no! No.
Look! It's that little thing you love so much. Remember?
Welcome, to Duloc
It's a creepy town.
What was once pristine now is all run down.
We will chop off your head,
and then laugh when your dead.
Duloc is a creepy place.
Come on in, what the heck?
Fall right down, break your...face.
Duloc is,
Duloc is,
Duloc is a creepy place.
Ooooh! Let's do that again!
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