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Wolves. For them, finding food on the plains is an even greater challenge.
Not only is their prey seasonal, it's also hard to find.
They've been searching for days without a sign.
Somewhere in this immense landscape, there is food for them.
This is it - Caribou.
Travelling 30 miles a day, they can cover nearly 2,000 miles during the summer months.
The wolves will starve if they don't find the caribou, but it's no easy task to locate prey that never stops traveling.
Biting flies and the quest for new pasture drives the migration ever onwards.
A wolf has finally picked up the trail.
The caribou are close.
At last, a chance.
The hunt is on.
The wolf panics the herd, and the weak and young are singled out.
A calf is separated from it's mother.
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