Mysteries of vernacular: Robot

Mysteries of vernacular.

Alcoholic Vervet Monkeys! - Weird Nature

This is the sleepy island of Saint Kitts in the Caribbean.

Wolves hunting Caribou - Planet Earth - BBC wildlife

Wolves. For them, finding food on the plains is an even greater challenge.

Snowy Owl Invasion

They appear from nowhere, stoic sentinels in fields, farmlands, and shorelines.

The Hangover - Trailer

Hello? Tracy, it's Phil.

Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas Intro - This is Halloween

It was a long time ago, longer now than it seems.

Despicable Me - Scene

Can I hold your hand?
Uh, no.

Equilibrium - Father's speech

Libria, I congratulate you.

Carly Rae Jepsen - Call Me Maybe

I threw a wish in the well,

Titanic - Heart of the Ocean

I know you've been melancholy. I don't pretend to know why.

Disney's Frozen - "No Heat Experience" Clip

Hi, everyone! I'm Olaf. And I like worm hugs.

The Emperor's New Groove - Stuck in the Ravine

Ok. Here's a deal. Stretch out your neck and I'll grab the rope.

The Great Gatsby - I Want To Ask Mr Gatsby One More Question

I want to ask Mr. Gatsby one more question.
Oh, please. Please, go on, Mr. Buchanan. Go on.

We're the Millers - Official Trailer

So how was work this evening, neighbor?

The Tale of The Three Brothers

There were once three brothers, who were traveling along a lonely winding road at twilight.

Madagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted (2012) - Official Trailer

Every year, millions of animals migrate home.

Howard's song to Bernadette - The Big Bang Theory

If I didn't have you, life would be blue

Musical Doodle (Spongebob)

Oh, musical doodle!

The Big Bang Theory - The Doppler Effect

So what time does the costume parade start?

The Internship - Official Trailer

I defy you to crush this chorus and not get psyched out of your mind.

The Three Musketeers - Offecial Trailer

There are things in this world worth fighting and dieing for.

Imagine Dragons - Demons

When the days are cold
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